Tripsas Garlic Stuffed Olives by Tripsas at depeche-toi
Tripsas Garlic Stuffed Olives by Tripsas at depeche-toi

Tripsas Garlic Stuffed Olives

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A large fleshy light green olive that is mild in flavour, stuffed with a large piece of garlic which has been pickled. The garlic does not over power the olive, but leaves a subtle aftertaste.

Packed in brine or in a delicate dressing of olive oil; please refrigerate.

No artificial colors or flavors.  No preservatives.  No sugar needed. Kosher.

One of the best varieties of olives to stuff, is the Halkidiki olive, that originated in a region of Macedonia, Greece. This olive’s robust, meaty texture makes great snacks and appetizers, and when stuffed, they become a meal in themselves. Halkidiki's larger size with smaller pips makes it ideal for stuffing, and there are many possibilities for different dishes.

The Kalamata olive tree was nothing short of a gift from the gods. Today, the olive is still considered one of nature's most perfect creations with a timeless appeal. The Kalamata olive, is a luscious, smooth, buttery olive ideal for stuffing. These are hand-picked, patiently cured for months, and hand-stuffed with classic ingredients you can actually taste. Available in seven varieties, these wonderful olives are sublime in salads, martinis, and as a crowd-pleasing appetizer.

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