Tapas (Revised): The Little Dishes of Spain: A Cookbook by Book at depeche-toi
Tapas (Revised): The Little Dishes of Spain: A Cookbook by Book at depeche-toi

Tapas (Revised): The Little Dishes of Spain: A Cookbook

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Author: Casas, Penelope

Brand: Knopf Publishing Group

Edition: Revised ed

Binding: Hardcover

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 272

Release Date: 20-02-2007

Details: Product Description Penelope Casas, who introduced the classic little dishes of Spain to American cooks more than twenty years ago, now gives us a splendid updated edition of that seminal book—with fifty exciting new recipes and eight full pages of new color photographs showing tapas in all their glory. Here are all the appetizer dishes that have long been a tradition in Spanish cuisine—mĂ©langes of seafood in aromatic sauces; little ragouts of meat, sausages, beans; colorful salads and marinades; the omelets called tortillas that enclose a variety of tasty tidbits; banderillas, zesty combinations on skewers; and empanadas, savory delights encased in pastry. The new recipes Casas includes reflect the influence of the innovative cooking in Spain today—dishes seasoned with soy sauce or balsamic vinegar; ingredients wrapped in flaky phyllo pastry; accents of goat cheese and arugula; foie gras in elegant presentations. With Spanish cooking at the forefront of today’s cuisine, this “exceptional book by the leading American authority on the foods of Spain” (as Craig Claiborne dubbed it in 1985) is a must for every adventurous cook in America today. From Booklist This updating of Casas' classic 1985 introduction to tapas shows just how deeply tapas has penetrated America's culinary scene. At the time of the first edition, few Americans outside New York and Chicago had any idea about this Spanish tradition of small plates. All that has changed, thanks to the multiplicity of tapas bars in every urban area and to Spain's revolutionary Ferran Adria, whose meteoric rise to the very top rank of chefs completely transformed the face of fine dining with foams and assorted novel cooking techniques. Casas' hundreds of recipes for these small plates range from very simple toasts to elaborate layered creations that require the kitchen skills of a pastry chef. Reflecting the internationalization of Spanish food, some recipes call for Asian ingredients such as soy sauce. A glossary and a list of mail-order sources for Spanish comestibles ease Americans' search for authentic Spanish ingredients. Mark Knoblauch Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved About the Author Penelope Casas is the author of La Cocina de MamĂĄ, Paella!, ÂĄDelicioso!, Discovering Spain, and The Foods and Wines of Spain. She has written about Spanish food and travel for The New York Times, Gourmet, Saveur, and Bon AppĂ©tit. She lives in New York and regularly hosts culinary tours of Spain.

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Languages: English

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