Stuffed Greek Olives - Sundried Tomato (7.8 ounce)
Stuffed Greek Olives - Sundried Tomato (7.8 ounce)

Stuffed Greek Olives - Sundried Tomato (7.8 ounce)

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Brand: Divina


  • Imported from Greece
  • Large Haldiki olives
  • 5 different fillings available - each sold separately
  • Jalapeno, sundried tomato, garlic, citrus and sweet pepper
  • Try one in your next martini

Details: To the ancient Greeks, the olive tree was nothing short of a gift from the gods. Today, the olive is still considered one of nature's most perfect creations with a timeless appeal. The large Halkidiki olive, from the peninsula of the same name, is a luscious, smooth, buttery olive ideal for stuffing. These are hand-picked, patiently cured for months, and hand-stuffed with classic ingredients you can actually taste. Available in five vegetarian varieties, these wonderful olives are sublime in salads, martinis, and as a crowd-pleasing appetizer. Varieties sold separately.

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 6.0 x 3.9 inches

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