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Parcelona French Small Bar Set of 2 Black N Shell Brown Celluloid Automatic Hair Clip Barrette

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Brand: Parcelona


  • Set of 2 High Quality Black and Shell Brown Hair Barrettes ; Made in France
  • Package Includes : 1 Shell and 1 Black each Color
  • Best for Thin Hair Type ; Durable with Everlasting Luxurious Shiny Finish
  • Length : Approx. 2 1/4 Inches; 6 Cms ; Also Bar Barrettes Available in Large and Medium Sizes.
  • Tortoise Shell term is used to describe the pattern made in resins and plastics of amber brown swirls and colors

Details: The Parcelona French Hair Accessories are original from France This Barrette has automatic closures you will never buy the lesser made cheap murderous barrettes that rip your hair out when you remove them from your pony tail, upsweep, side sweep or Hair Do. This automatic barrette is fantastic for Fine Hair and has the amazing automatic spring closure, is wonderfully easy to use and, of course, is stamped Made in France! Remember, if a barrette is not stamped Made in France, it's made elsewhere and is a copy. Every Parcelona Hair automatic closure barrette is stamped Made in France. These are high quality and sturdy barrettes and hard to find in drug stores at this competitive price. This is the premium end of the market product. There should be no sharp edges. We only use the best material for our products which are both strong and durable. Why compromise your choice. We hope you like our selection.

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