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Organyc Beauty Organic Cotton Swabs - 200 Swabs

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Brand: Organyc


  • 100 percent certified organic cotton swab is soft and absorbent and ideal for personal care and cosmetics
  • Swabs and the packaging are made with renewable and sustainable raw materials
  • All packaging and materials including the recyclable cardboard stem are biodegradable and compostable
  • Besides cosmetic and personal care these swabs are also great for household and craft projects or cleaning hard to reach spots
  • Treat yourself to the luxurious feel and fine absorbent qualities of Turkish cotton truly a household must-have item

Details: Organyc swabs are made with pure, certified organic cotton. The swab stick is made of recyclable cardboard. These swabs are especially well suited for daily cosmetics, baby and body care. Because organyc values sustainability, the packaging is made with recyclable and biodegradable materials.

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