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Olewo Carrots Digestive Dog Food Supplement, 1 Pound

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Brand: Olewo


  • Quickly eliminates dog diarrhea and stomach upsets
  • Helps maintain healthy digestion and provides natural deworming
  • Promotes healthy skin & coat and helps relieve dry and itchy skin. Enhances coat color and improves markings and pigmentation.
  • Strengthens the immune system and promotes vitality
  • Daily whole food vitamin supplement for puppies, adult and senior dogs

Details: Good nutrition is the key to a healthy dog, but most dogs don’t get optimal nutrient levels, especially when fed commercial dog food, and there are also chances for nutritional gaps when feeding raw or home-cooked meals. The carrot is one of the most nutrient-rich vegetables, and Olewo Dehydrated Carrots offer a convenient, reliable and inexpensive way to fill nutritional gaps. Many pet owners are not aware of the fact that their dogs are not able to benefit from the nutrition in carrots when feeding the raw vegetable. The issue with raw vegetables is that the vitamins and minerals are embedded in cellulose, a carbohydrate that is difficult to digest, and therefore the dog’s digestive system is not able to absorb the valuable nutrients. Olewo Carrots are in the proper form and easy to digest, allowing dogs to absorb and utilize the amazing nutrition in this vegetable. Olewo Carrots are super nutritious because the premium non-GMO vegetables are grown in Northern Germany, known for its extremely fertile soil, and go directly from the fields to preparation to avoid the loss of any nutrients. The finished product is an all-natural “1” ingredient product with no additives and preserved naturally through dehydration. Olewo Carrots are easily rehydrated and can be added to any dog food whether it is kibble, canned, raw, or home-cooked meals to promote the overall health and vitality of a dog with the added natural nutrition. Olewo is the original carrot product for dogs that has been proven and trusted by top breeders and caring dog owners for over 35 years.

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