Maison Potier Hollandaise Sauce By Christian Potier 3.52oz (2 pouches per box) by Maison Potier at depeche-toi
Maison Potier

Maison Potier Hollandaise Sauce By Christian Potier 3.52oz (2 pouches per box)

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Brand: Christian Potier


Our line of sauces by famed Chef Potier are the perfect solution for when you want to add rich flavor to a dish but don’t have the time to start a sauce from scratch.

This hearty sauce is made with stock made from scratch in Provence, and has a rich, natural flavor. This creamy Hollandaise sauce is one of the shinning examples of classic French cuisine. This velvety sauce, typically eaten with poached eggs a la eggs Benedict, is made with eggs, a luscious amount of butter, cooked together while whisked into a silky concoction. Even though it comes pre-packaged, it tastes just like it were made right in your kitchen, with just a fresh and natural flavor.

Contains 2 individual portions that can be heated up in the microwave in 10 seconds. Alternatively, use your stove to heat the sauce in simmering water for 5 minutes. An easy and delicious Hollandaise sauce, no recipe or complicated cooking required! Buy Hollandaise sauce and drizzle over a perfectly poached egg for brunch, or baked salmon and asparagus for lunch. Delicious!

French sauces have been crafted from natural ingredients. Chef Christian Potier restaurant entered the prestigious Michelin Guide in 1973. Chef Potier has since applied his classical training and sauce expertise to bring you these authentic French sauces for use at home. Conveniently packaged in 2 microwavable pouches, its ready to serve after just 10 seconds no need to whisk up a roux or hover over a reduction. Enjoy with chicken breast, roast pork or risotto. Bon appétit!

Package Dimensions: 6.8 x 4.3 x 2.2 inches

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