Irish Connemara Marble: "Lucky Penny"-Connemara-Depeche-Toi
Irish Connemara Marble: "Lucky Penny"-Connemara-Depeche-Toi
Irish Connemara Marble: "Lucky Penny"-Connemara-Depeche-Toi

Irish Connemara Marble: "Lucky Penny"

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Brand: Connemara


  • Made of Genuine Connemara Marble and a Penny from Ireland
  • Penny for Good Luck
  • "May Your Pocket Never By Empty"
  • (Please Note: The marble color may vary as it is natural stone)
  • Made in Ireland

Details: OWN A PIECE OF IRELAND This is the Irish Lucky Penny. "May your pocket never be empty" ... legend has it that you should always keep a "one penny coin" with you, for luck. In old Ireland, at fairs and markets, it was common to give "Luck Money", usually a penny when a transaction took place. ... ALSO, when you see a New Moon turn your Lucky Penny over in your hand three times and you have luck and prosperity. This Lucky Penny is dated 2007 and has the wording "eire" which is the wording for "Ireland" in Irish. Connemara marble is 900 million years old! It measures: 1 3/4" wide x 1/8" deep. (Please note that the color and texture of the marble may vary slightly, as the very nature of this beautiful Connemara marble is that it consists of many tones. So, it may be of a lighter or darker tone than photographed.) For three generations, the Walsh family have worked the beautiful marble that is unique to Connemara in the West of Ireland. The marble is crafted and finished at the family's workshop in Dublin, Ireland. Traditional and modern tools are used to create the products that capture this rare beauty of the Connemara marble. Combined Shipping Available

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