Home Candle - Scented Vanilla Luxury White Candle - Natural Soy Candle

Home Candle - Scented Vanilla Luxury White Candle - Natural Soy Candle

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Brand: Essentialia Naturals

Color: White


  • MILD LUXURIOUS SCENT: Created by master perfumers in the city of Grasse, France this unique and subtle vanilla scent will leave a unique olfactory signature in your home.
  • NATURAL SOY WAX: A natural soy wax burns evenly and leaves no soot.
  • MADE IN GRASSE: The world renowned city of Grasse in south of France where all the best perfumers are (think Hermes, Chanel, Guerlain, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancome and many more). It is a unique mark of quality.
  • 18 HOURS OF LUXURY: Enjoy a rare and unique vanilla scent blended with subtle notes of amber for a fresh and romantic perfume.
  • LEAD FREE and BHT FREE: Natural and safe ingredients to care for you and your home.


A Unique Olfactory Signature Your Guests and Friends Will Remember Give your home a touch of luxury with this unique scented home candle by master perfumers.

Scented home candles can be made of cheap perfumes with overpowering smells which trigger headaches and other nuisances.

This Vanille Blanche (white vanilla) home candle was carefully crafted for Essentialia Naturals© by master perfumers in the legendary city of perfume, Grasse, France, where the world's best perfumes are made. Using a unique French Vanilla base blended with a touch of Amber to create a luxurious and subtle olfactory experience that gives a fresh white vanilla scent to your home.

• Give your home a unique olfactory experience.
• Enjoy the luxury of a rare and unique scent.
• Make your home unforgettable to friends and guests.

• Highest quality ingredients, Made in France.
• Natural soy wax.
• Even wax burn, no "tunneling".


You are buying a 2.6oz white votive sized soy wax candle in a matte glass jar. Measuring 2.1 inches in diameter and 2.7 inches high. Packaged in a clean white cardboard box carefully designed not to distract from what is essential, the olfactory experience.

Recognizing that scents and olfactory appreciation is subjective to your taste, this candle is sold with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Buying this home candle is not a "gamble" or risk as you are free to return it, no questions asked.

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