FRESH Norwegian Hand Rolled Lefse
FRESH Norwegian Hand Rolled Lefse

FRESH Norwegian Hand Rolled Lefse

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  • Soft, homemade Norwegian flatbread.
  • Lefse is delicious with jams and jellies.
  • Lefse makes a great wrap for sandwich fillings.
  • This lefse is hand-rolled and made with real potatoes.
  • Cover lefse with melted butter and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar for a sweet treat.
  • 6 large triangle pieces per pack 

Details: With its fresh, warm, and comforting traits, your tastebuds will feel as though they are receiving a snuggly hug from our lefse. This is old-world Norwegian lefse, passed down from the homesteads of our Norwegian friends and family. No instant potatoes and no machines to roll. This lefse is all homemade and hand rolled. There are many ways to enjoy this savory lefse. Our favorite use for lefse is adding mascarpone cheese and lingonberry jam for a sweet treat. Need a quick lunch? Just add cheese and fry it in a frying pan for a delicious lefse quesadilla. In Norway, lefse is often served alongside lutefisk, another traditional Norwegian delicacy (though one with more of an "acquired" taste). Have leftover Christmas dinner? Pile it in a lefse wrap!

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