Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern - German Made Oil Lamp - 10" with Care Pack (Black)

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Color: Black


  • Hurricane Lantern 10" tall - High Quality 100% Made in Germany
  • Authentic Tag shows "Original Made in Germany". Long Lasting 1/2" Flat Wick - 10oz Capacity - Burn Time: 20 hours
  • Care Pack Includes Extra Wick & Instructions by Vermont Lanterns. Ships Securely Bubble Wrapped
  • Bright and economical, great for indoor / outdoor emergency lighting, patios, camping, off grid adventures.
  • Full warranty, parts and service available from Vermont Lanterns (Fulfilled by Amazon). Vermont Lanterns® is a Registered Trademark with the USPTO.

Publisher: Feuerhand

Details: Latest model galvanized steel lantern, with high quality powder coat painted finish for increased rust resistance! The paint is heat and scratch resistant. Authentic Tag shows "Original Made in Germany".


Cold Blast Hurricane Lanterns work in all weather conditions, and burn 2x times brighter compared to standard table lamp of equal wick size.


The FEUERHAND #276 hurricane lanterns are produced in Germany since 1902. Exceptional quality and finish, all parts including the glass are German made! A durable and versatile kerosene lantern. Great for emergency or ambient light.


Indoors, out on the patio, or camping the powder coat finish looks striking. Due to the special developed burner element there is no flickering and sooting from the flame. A special seal inside the tank ensures there is no risk of leakage. Only the FEUERHAND hurricane lantern is equipped with the thermal heat resistant SUPRAX globes which will not crack even when touched by rain or snow.


Uses standard lamp oil. Fuel capacity: 10 ounces. Burn time: 20 hours. Average Candle power: 7-8. 100% Made in Germany, top of the line quality!

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