Erbario Toscano Olive Complex Hydrating Face Cream 24H 50ml by Erbario Toscano at depeche-toi
Erbario Toscano

Erbario Toscano Olive Complex Hydrating Face Cream 24H 50ml

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  • SIZE AND COMPONENTS. 50 ml is the industry standard and best selling size and should last between 2-4 weeks. Active Ingredients are Olea Tech that is derived from Olive tree active molecules that improve firmness and luminosity, Hyaluronic Acid as it confers skin's elasticity and hydration, Hydro-factor Regulator, Light Effect Pigments that leads to greater uniformity of color for a generalized illuminating effect and Extra Vergine Organic Olive Oil “Toscano IGP”.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE AND CARE. Apply daily, morning and evening on clean, dry skin. It is an excellent base for make-up. Store this item in a cool and dry place.
  • ELISIR D'OLIVO VARIANTS. This Erbario Toscano Olive Complex Hydrating Face Cream 24H 50ml fast absorbing emulsion formulated to improve dry and dehydrated skin. The hydrating molecules enhanced with hyaluronic acid restore the correct degree of skin hydration. Thanks to the association of soft-focus micro-particles, which ensure a regular complexion, the skin is: clear, rejuvenated and luminous. Guaranteed No Parabens, No Colorants, No Silicons, and No Mineral Oil.
  • OLIVE TREE EXTRACTS. The renowned properties of the olive, extracted and formulated, give life to an extract of pure beauty, joy, and nourishment for the body. Olive is the foundation of Erbario and is quintessentially Italian. Olive Oil is closest to the oil that the skin produces and therefore is an amazing best selling collection.
  • SHELF LIFE: Enjoy the naturalness of our Tuscan ingredients and fragrance within 2 years after the packaging date indicated on the stamp. The symbol to the right of the said stamp that looks like an open jar shows how many months it remains suitable for consumption after opening.


Details: Fast Absorbing Emulsion Formulated To Improve Dry And Dehydrated Skin. The Hydrating Molecules Enhanced With Hyaluronic Acid Restore The Correct Degree Of Skin Hydration. Thanks To The Association Of Soft-Focus Micro-Particles, Which Ensure A Regular Complexion , The Skin Is: Clear Rejuvenated Luminous

Package Dimensions: 3.1 x 2.8 x 2.5 inches

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