English Tea Shop Organic Luxury Gift Tray Tea Bags, Pack of 48
English Tea Shop Organic Luxury Gift Tray Tea Bags, Pack of 48
English Tea Shop

English Tea Shop Organic Luxury Gift Tray Tea Bags, Pack of 48

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Brand: English Tea Shop


  • A luxurious collection of organic teas and tisanes
  • Hand picked luxury tea
  • 100% natural ingredients

Details: Product Description English Tea Shop’s vast spectrum of gourmet teas will always leave you cheerfully surprised- from the classic English Breakfast Tea to the titillating Tisanes, all packed in lush Tea bags or within the most luxurious gift tins! English Tea Shop is built around the concept of Value Sharing. In fact, ETS believes that value shared is value doubled and it directly links sustainable development with long-term growth. At our company, we do this by applying the principle of Creating Shared Value (CSV); a revolutionary approach developed by Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter that businesses such as our own are putting into practice with exciting results in terms of growth. Through the plethora of projects we launched in rural Sri Lanka, we encourage our farmers to relive the old aged farming practices. Our teas and ingredients come from such small farmers in limited quantities, grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We are committed to recognize and to tell the world how these small farmers make a huge impact on sustaining the planet’s natural ecosystem for many generations after us. We pay them a premium on top of the Fairtrade price to make sure they can farm in the most sustainable way possible. Not only that, through Creating Shared Value concept, we take measures to uplift the wellbeing of the farmers and their families. Once the ingredients come into our manufacturing facility, our team of experts combines them to create just the right balance of yummy flavours. After that our tea is hand packed, reducing our carbon footprint. From there it’s a hop, skip and jump over the sea and across the globe - into your cup. Ingredients Earl Grey (Organic and Fairtrade Ceylon black tea with natural bergamot flavour); English Breakfast (Organic and Fairtrade pure Ceylon black tea); Peppermint (Organic and Fairtrade peppermint); Green Tea Pomegranate (Organic and Fairtrade green tea, organic rose petals, organic pomegranate pieces with natural pomegranate flavour) Directions Place one tea bag in a cup. Add 200ml of freshly boiled water and allow the tea to infuse, leaving for 2-4 minutes. Add sugar as desired. Box Contains Each box has 48 Sachet Tea Bags, you receive 1 such boxes with each order

Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 7.4 x 2.1 inches

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