Dolciaria Ambrosiana Pralinati Fondenti Con Nocciole Cookie-Dolciaria Ambrosiana-Depeche-Toi
Dolciaria Ambrosiana

Dolciaria Ambrosiana Pralinati Fondenti Con Nocciole Cookie

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Brand: Dolciaria Ambrosiana


  • One bite and you will discover the passion and quality standards of the Ambrosiana team that has been maintained since day one
  • Always made with premium ingredients
  • Wholesome and GMO free
  • Filled with Glaze and Puffed Rice, Shortbread with Hazelnut Cream/Cocoa,  4.93 Ounce

Publisher: Gourmet International, Inc

Details: Many years ago in Bari, Italy, two acclaimed and popular master pastry chefs decided to combine their talents so that their delicious baked specialty cookies could be enjoyed all over the world. Today, Dolciaria Ambrosiana is proud to offer you their traditional and artisanal cookies. A wonderful variety of local specialties, prepared with unrivaled skill in the full respect of the traditional processing methods not giving up the imagination, inspiration, inventiveness, with the aim of satisfying the most demanding palates, and all those who seek quality in no uncertain terms.

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