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Angel Chimes

Angel Chimes Original Swedish (Wax)

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Brand: Angel Chimes

Color: White


  • Specialty candle by original chime manufacturer in Turkey
  • Controlled wax drip
  • 10 Hours of burn time, for more enjoyment

Details: § SPECIALTY CANDLE FOR ANGEL CHIME §— These candles are designed to perfectly fit the original Angel Chime. Each candle is shaped to fit snug into the candle lock base of the Angel Chime. Avoid using candles that are not intended for the Angel Chimes as it could possibly damage candle lock and reduce the effectiveness for future uses. § 10 HOURS OF BURN TIME §— Four candles are required to make use of the Angel Chime, meaning that each candle box set can support up to 5 separate uses. Each candle will burn for 2 hours, turning and powering your Angel Chime ornament. § CONTROLLED WAX DRIP §— The specialty wax and wick of these candles is designed to reduce the amount of wax drippage onto your Angel Chime base. Allowing for a quick and easy clean-up. Using other candles may cause sut to build up on the bass coating of your Angel Chimes. § ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER §— Only purchase candles from trusted vendors, and only trust candles that are manufactured from the source of Angel Chimes. Using other candles can result in unwanted damages to your Angel Chimes. § OVER 50 YEARS OF TRADITION §— We are the original manufacturer and distributor of Angel Chimes, a dedication to a Scandinavian tradition that we have honored for decades. Be wary of imitation Angel Chimes as their craftsmanship will not be to the same level as ours. 

Package Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.4 x 1.4 inches

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