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Zenz Organic Products


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  • Provides maximum volume
  • Without perfume and essential oil
  • AllergyCertified / Vegan

Extra strong volume of hair powder which adds texture, volume and hold to the hair. Provides structure without leaving visible residue on hair and scalp. Gives long hair a chic ‘messy’ look without weighing your hair down. Can also be used in hair which tends to appear oily as it absorbs dirt and grease from the hair strands to give the hair a clean and healthy look.

Ingredients: Aqua, Silica Silylate, PEG-8, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.


ZENZ Organic is a complete hair and beauty concept striving to make the world a better place, by offering a professional eco-friendly product lineWith ZENZ Organic we make it easy to look good, feel good and do good all at the same time. Our mission is clear: we want to create a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry. 

ZENZ Organic Products are made by professional hairdressers for professional hairdressers. Our high quality products ensures top performance results, and allows you to focus on getting creative and bring your ideas to life.

The story of ZENZ Organic starts with a Danish eco-conscious hairdresser. Today, the products are used daily by some of the best hairdressers and makeup-artists around the world in professional salons as well as fashion runways.

All our products are made from the finest natural ingredients and certified by recognised third-party organisations, that focus on health and protecting our planet.

ZENZ Organic Products are made with respect for people and planet. As a global frontrunner in sustainable beauty, it is important for us to make sure that we are always part of the solution - never the problem.

From the very beginning we have made sure our products live up to the highest standards set by experts in their field. Certifications not only offers a guarantee that we deliver on our promises, but it also ensures that we as a company are constantly updated and able to improve, when new knowledge is available. International labels and logos make it easy for those interested in finding products that truly cares.

ZENZ Organic Products are certified by The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, AllergyCertified and Ecocert COSMOS Organic plus registered by Vegan Society.

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Customer Reviews

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Ulsa P.
Volume... that's an understatement

I tried just a tiny, and I mean tiny amount of this and all the sudden I could have been an extra in an 80's movie. Totally provides volume but I didn't see any dry shampoo benefit. Hair was still a bit oily but after shaping and using hairspray, it was enough