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Maxim's de Paris

Maxim’s de Paris Green Tea Blend in Crystal Bag 24g

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An exquisite green tea! Green tea lovers will be won over by Maxim's green tea. Indeed, you will appreciate this tea for its lightness and aromas. You will discover essential oils of sweet orange, bergamot, or lemon.

It is a fruity green tea that will delight all palates.

Are you looking for an iced green tea? Individual sachets contain a crystal bag that will be as comfortable with hot tea as it is with iced tea. What to offer the drink at a barbecue with friends!

An elegant case with 12 Maxim's crystal green tea bags. Maxim's green tea is flavored with sweet orange, Calabrian bergamot and lemon essential oils. A lively, fresh, and fruity tea that will seduce you with the finesse of its aromas whether it is tasted hot or iced.


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